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NGC 6894

NGC 6894

Drawing data

NGC 6894 Cyg PL
Date(s) of observation:
2013.07.08/09. Ágasvár
Place(s) of observation:
Telescope(s) used:
16" f/4.4 Dobsonian (MCSE)
Enlargement(s) used:
220x (8mm Planetary)
Author / Observer:
Peter Kiss


NGC 6894 drawing inverted into positive.
NGC 6894 drawing inverted into positive.

I like this planetary nebula. It's a little ring of smoke in the star-packed Milky-Way field of Cygnus. It's not ostentatiosly bright but it's not faint either. The ring is obvious at first sight but it doesn't show many details beyond this. The differences in intensity are very small. Maybe it is a little brighter next to the star superimposed on the ring and on the other side. And maybe there is a little brighter spot to the lower left side of the ring (in the drawing). The hole in the ring is just not completely black. Faint nebulosity fills the inner part. I didn't see the central star. It can be around 16.0mg - 17.5mg depending on the source. I put two question marks in my sketch next to the star superimposed on the ring. But by comparing it with the photographs it turns out that I was right - the star is there. In fact the nebula is called the Diamond Ring Planetry in some sources.

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