About myself, Contact

Peter KissI was born in 1981 and I was fascinated by astronomy since early childhood. I got my first telescope in 1989, a small 6.5 cm Newtonian, the Alcor. I used it to watch the day and night sky wihout any special knowledge.

The years 1993 and 1994 were a turning point for me, when I entered the Hungarian Astronomical Association and got to know that I am not the only one aiming my telescope at the sky. And I took part in the first astronomial camp in Ágasvár.

What fascinated me the most from the beginning is the beauty of deep-sky objects and the possibility to see all that with my own eyes. I saw the spiral arms of galaxies, the glowing details of different nebulae in high-quality astronomical photos. My aim is to see these with my own eyes and to capture the look in my drawings.

I am a physicist (PhD) and I work as a programmer.

In case you want to contact me: peter @ deepeye dot hu