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NGC 188

NGC 188

Drawing data

NGC 188 Cep OC
Date(s) of observation:
2011.09.02/03. Kerepes
2011.09.03/04. Kerepes
Place(s) of observation:
Telescope(s) used:
4" f/4 Newtonian (Dobson)
Enlargement(s) used:
48x (25mm Plössl + 3x Barlow)
Field size:
Author / Observer:
Peter Kiss


This ancient open cluster is large, faint and misterious. It is one of the nothernmost deep-sky objects in the sky for a small telescope. In contrast to its faintness it seems to be inhomogenoius - many tiny stars twinkle on its surface in this nice field of view. I like this object very much.

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