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NGC 281

NGC 281

Drawing data

NGC 281 Cas DF
Date(s) of observation:
2009.08.14/15. Kerepes
2009.10.11/12. Kerepes
2009.11.15/16. Kerepes
2010.07.10/11. Ágasvár
2011.08.26/17. Ágasvár
2011.09.30/10.01. Ágasvár
Place(s) of observation:
Kerepes, Ágasvár
Telescope(s) used:
4" f/4 Newtonian (Dobson)
Enlargement(s) used:
16x (25mm Plössl)
Field size:
Author / Observer:
Peter Kiss


This enlargement is a little too small for this nebula but the rich Milky-Way field provides a nice frame. The nebula is strikingly visible at first glance. The central part containing the multiple system BU 1 is very bright. There is a bright spot east-north-east of the star as well. The upper part of Pac-man's face is obvious but the lower part (the lower jaw) is very hard. I saw it only on the two last nights and almost only with 48x enlargement. But on the last night at the turning of September and October in 2011 I saw the whole nebula in the clear, good sky. Though it was pretty faint.

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