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Rozette nebula

Rozette nebula

Drawing data

NGC 2244 Mon OC+DF
Date(s) of observation:
2007.01.15/16. Kerepes
2008.02.09/10. Kerepes
2012.03/15/16. Ágasvár
Place(s) of observation:
Kerepes, Ágasvár
Telescope(s) used:
4" f/4 Newtonian (Dobson)
Enlargement(s) used:
16x (25mm Plössl)
Field size:
Author / Observer:
Peter Kiss


One of my first astronomical books the "Kis égi kalauz" (Little night-sky guide) had a falulous photo of the Rosette nebula (in black and white of course) which had a great impression on me that time. Back then I had no chance to spot the nebula although it's not very faint. It only needs a fast telescope with a large field of view and the best sky possible. The nebula is clearly visible, though it's not as spectacular as in the photos. The most prominent part is the bright spot that occupies the starless area northwest of the cluster. The beauty of the Rosette nebula comes from the way it embraces the open cluster. The little 4" telescope doesn't show many details but the hollow in which the open cluster is sitting is clearly visible.

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