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NGC 663

NGC 663

Drawing data

NGC 663 Cas OC
NGC 654 Cas OC
NGC 659 Cas OC
Date(s) of observation:
2014.09.29/30. Kerepes
2014.09.30/10.01. Kerepes
2014.10.25/26. Kerepes
2014.11.20/21. Kerepes
2014.12.19/20. Kerepes
2015.01.13/14. Kerepes
2015.09.13/14. Ágasvár
2015.11.04/05. Kerepes
Place(s) of observation:
Kerepes, Ágasvár
Telescope(s) used:
4" f/4 Newtonian (Dobson)
Enlargement(s) used:
40x (10 mm Delos)
Field size:
Author / Observer:
Peter Kiss


NGC 663 drawing inverted into positive.
NGC 663 drawing inverted into positive.

NGC 663 was an old project of mine as well. I finally decided to realise it in September 2014 at the ITT held at Emberger Alm, Austria. I chose to draw it using 40x enlagement in a 1.8° field with 3 open clusters, contrary to the original idea (3° field, 4 open clusters).

All three open clusters are beautiful and spectacular in some sense even in such a small telescope. Of course NGC 663 dominates the field. It is bright, contains a little nebulosity and it is quite dense inside. NGC 654 - in the upper (Northern) part of the field - is not as bright, it is much smaller, round and contains more nebulosity. The latter is caused only by the combined light of unresolved stars in all three open clusters. NGC 659 is pretty faint and only a few stars can be resolved in it.

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